The New Collection

Pre-Spring 2023

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The New Collection

Pre-Spring 2023 - Reflections

In this pre-spring 2023 collection we take a moment to honour over a decade of our own design history. We investigate the designs which formed the foundations of our aesthetic so that we can discover new applications for our artistry across an ever evolving language of self expression. Creativity, like life, is a journey. Through reflection on our past we are able to traverse our future path of creativity with confidence and continued success.

Fall & Pre-Fall 2022

The pre-fall & fall 2022 collection is inspired by a journey into our emotions. Through the process of self examination we identified that for too long the sole focus of our lives revolved around the strenuous demands of work. In an effort to shake the constraints of chronic stress, we began to prioritise personal happiness and through this, re-focused innovation and creativity was able to flourish.

Shirt Savants

Those in the know, know palmer//harding as the masterminds of modern shirting. Launched in 2011 with just 17 white shirts, palmer//harding have grown from strength to strength all while honouring their ambition to apply a unique creative point of view to a garment typically over looked, the shirt. The results of their creative endeavours have provided inspiration women around the world dramatic yet easy to wear statement shirts, inspiring those around them with their striking style. Find your statement shirt below by exploring the iconic pieces that solidified the brand as the king of shirting.