Susan Posnik - founder fo Susan Posnik cosmetics

Continuing on our p//h balanced series, we sat down with the woman behind Susan Posnick Cosmetics. 

Susan Posnick, the woman who turned a skin cancer battle into a successful makeup line. 

Oddly, Susan’s journey started with her teaching degree in elementary education in the Virgin Islands. While she was studying, she was introduced to people in the make-up industry, which led to her passion for cosmetics. From there, she started her make-up artist career painting the faces of celebrities like Tom Cruise and Cindy Crawford. After working as Mary Kay Ash’s personal makeup artist for over 18 years, Posnick grew a deep interest in the makeup industry. In the late 90’s, Posnick was diagnosed with skin cancer and it was then that she discovered a niche for an all-natural mineral makeup with added sun protection. She soon found out that nothing similar was available in the cosmetic market and in 2002 Susan Posnick Cosmetics was born. She believed putting her name on her brand really spoke to her customers because it showed that she stands behind her product and believes in it.

Her entire journey developed into her thriving cosmetics line known as Susan Posnick Cosmetics. “There’s nobody doing it the way that we’re doing it”, says Posnick speaking about how she believes her company stands out from the rest. For instance, her most famous product COLORFLO is a bottle packed with a powder consisting of foundation and sun protection in an all in one refillable package topped with its own brush. Susan has since created a complete cosmetic line of multi-purpose lip, eye, face products for women on the go; and slowly but surely she is building an empire of natural protective cosmetics that stand out from all the others.