Rachel Wang - filmmaker

Introducing Rachel Wang, our next p//h balanced woman, and self-taught filmmaker with a law degree and a dream to share her cinematic point of view. 

Eighteen years ago, Rachel and her husband founded Chocolate Films. Chocolate Films now operates two offices in London and Glasgow, employees 26 people and has an award-winning documentary series. The film production company specialises in documenting the public sector working with various clients across the art, education, corporate and charitable industries around the world. Chocolate Films’ ongoing and most well-known project, 1000 Londoners, exposes the cultural and social diversity of the city by featuring new people each week from various backgrounds, each with their own story to tell about their life and their personal connection to London. Rachel shares that through the project she has discovered just how similar people are even if they live opposite lives, and how many unexpected friendships have been born through the experience. As what she describes as a “community cohesion project”, 1000 Londoners is truly making impactful strides to make London a more unified, positive place well worth of celebration of all of the inspiring people who call it home. 

Rachel shares that the best advice she has been given is from her mother who told her to never take no for an answer. “I have a lot of energy so whenever I put my mind to something I just do it.” Rachel’s dedication and passion for her work has been a true inspiration in and outside the film industry. She has been awarded Entrepreneur of the Year by the Black British Awards in 2015, the Social Enterprise of the Year award by the UK’s Black Women in Business Awards in 2018, and most recently, the Community Person of the Year by Visionary Arts. Rachel is also a Trustee to the National Portrait Gallery where she has a mission to use her digital and media background to make it a more accessible, diverse community. Rachel’s entrepreneurial spirit, creative vision and perseverance to the people and city of London make us proud and excited to have her as a p//h balanced woman.