Mimma Viglezio - creative consultant and editor

We are delighted to introduce Mimma Viglezio, creative consultant and Editor at SHOWstudio, as our third p//h balanced woman. Mimma’s prestigious 25 year tenure in the corporate fashion industry included roles at luxury houses such as, Bulgari and Louis Vuitton. She also held the position of Executive Vice President at the Gucci Group (now Kering), where she managed and controlled the corporate image of eight brands in the conglomerate. Mimma has been a freelance consultant since 2010, taking interest especially in emerging brands, and has been a key mentor for the future of many young, aspiring fashion entrepreneurs. 

Mimma chose the freelance route because she craves freedom, independence and the opportunity to explore the increasingly sustainably focused and progressively diverse fashion industry. She shares that she has been exposed to exciting new and different experiences and endeavours, and that she learns just as much as she gives. The key behind Mimma’s success is her ability to speak candidly and build her network through her admirable knowledge and passion for the industry. “I like that I’m quite outspoken; being honest makes people trust you.”

Mimma is involved in various human rights organisations including the Swarovski Foundation, Women For Women and The Fund For Global Human Rights where she plays a large role in bringing awareness and attention to artistic education, gender equality, environmental issues, migrants’ rights and numerous other resource and corporate accountabilities. Mimma is also an Advisor on the Board of Modern Meadow, a biotechnological company that is disrupting the materials industry through their introduction of biofabricated leather. 

Mimma’s many accomplishments and achievements aside, is a woman who does not categorise her success by her money, age or job title. Mimma defines success as being truly happy with your ups and downs and the ability to be free in your career and life.