Marra Gad - author & film producer

Celebrated author and film producer, Marra B. Gad joined us for a stimulating conversation that covered intersectionality, race, and the realities of living in a world that is not accustomed to difference. Marra, currently based in Los Angeles, was raised in Chicago during the 70’s and was the only biracial jewish girl in her community. Acclimating to two different communities with an identity that didn’t fit into the construct of society was a challenging experience that Marra was able to draw on in her new book, The Colour of Love: A Story of a Mixed Race Jewish Girl.

Marra opens her heart and makes herself vulnerable for both the reader and our interview, which makes this one of the most emotional and touching conversations we have had the honour of. One of the notions that Mara wants to dispel is that the Jewish community is primarily white, rather she sees the community as being more multicultural and multiracial now than ever before. In her own words, “To be Jewish, it is about faith and God, it is not a race.” Marra has maintained her ties to the community being part of the Jewish Book Council, having spoke at the Union for Reform Judaism Biennial 2019 in Chicago and having her work featured in the Jewish Women’s Theatre.

Her previous work as an executive producer on various film and tv shows helped develop her responsibility of telling other people’s stories that stays true to various characters. She was able to draw on that experience when writing her own story.

One of the most important lessons that Marra has learned in life is the importance of having a sense of self. Being open and honest about the cruelties of life and its effects. She acknowledges that despite her challenges she has attained the best version of herself. Rather than become bitter and angry, she poured out her pain into her book. Her heart and its ability to love unconditionally is one of the things she admires most about herself, and its one of the things we admire most about her as well. Tune in to hear more about Marra in the interview!