Káryyn - artist & musician

For the next episode of our p//h balanced series, we sit down with Káryyn, an artist and musician who composes what she categorises as “electronic, post-classical pop music”. Her Armenian Syrian heritage, along with her upbringing in America, have influenced her style but do not define the artist she is, and is becoming.

“I am constantly trying to get away from identity. My music is about processing and being aware of my emotions, and what I find out about them… it’s about deep excavation,” Káryyn expresses. She shares that her compositions start with her voice and sounds that awaken her. During the interview, Káryyn hears distant laughter from the palmer//harding office and explains that her sensitivity to sound is companied by a deep sense of feeling that takes shapes in visual forms. The laughter triggered a sensory experience in Káryyn that allowed her to feel and see the escalation of sound. Her unique point of view, and deeply passionate and inspiring music is paving the way for her future in the music industry.

After living in Los Angeles and Berlin for some time, Káryyn decided to sign with Mute Records, an independent electronic and experimental pop record that is based in London. She released her first album in March, The Quanta Series, which included past EPs and new singles. The album is quickly gaining well deserved attention and praise, and has been featured in Dazed, The Guardian and Vogue. Káryyn also composed music for an opera in Reykjavik, Of Light, which was highly regarded by Björk in attendance. Káryyn has high hopes for her future in music, but hasn’t lost touch with her personal happiness. “Money will come and go. Success is about deep self approval in whatever you set out to do,” she shares.

Check out Káryyns’ music on her website here and on youtube here.