Georgia Spray - founder of Partnership Editions

Georgia Spray, our fourth p//h balanced woman is the founder of Partnership Editions, a platform for emerging artists and art collectives. Georgia has a reputable background in the contemporary art industry, working at well-known art powerhouses such as, Christie’s and White Cube. She also launched the Contemporary African Art department at the Auction Room where she curated multiple exhibitions and launched international buyer networks. After spending numerous years in the corporate art world, Georgia decided to start her own company with a mission to take the “eliteness and mystique” out of it. She wants to allow more people to have the ability to have a conversation about their relationship with art, and build their own personal collections without the notorious steep price tag. “A lot of people buy artwork as investment pieces, not to live with on their walls, and there was a lack of curated platforms for people who have or were never able to buy artwork before”. Partnership Editions offers a more accessible, curated collection ranging from £50 to £1,000, and currently represent 17 artists with unique and varied styles. Georgia is so inspiring to us because she saw a gap in the industry. She created Partnership Editions with a vision to give more people the opportunity to expand their knowledge and truly experience not only the beautiful aesthetic of artwork, but also the relevant and important cultural discussions that arise from it; all while simultaneously supporting young, emerging artists. Georgia shares that she is where she is today because of her honesty and her principled view of success as a personal objective that she takes day by day.