Gemma Godfrey - founder of Moola

Recently, we set down with Gemma Godfrey for another p//h balance interview. A delightfully energetic woman whose background includes a degree in quantum physics, Godfrey founded the award-winning digital investing service for financial wellbeing, Moola in 2015, and has been helping people financially ever since.

With many accomplishments under Godfrey’s belt, such as hosting Channel 4’s “My Money Makeover”, becoming money expert and presenter on ITV’s “Eat, Shop, Save”, and even being hired as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s financial advisor for “The Apprentice” in 2016, she explains to us how she used media platforms to reach a broader audience and can essentially help everyone achieve their financial goals.

Throughout her interview she spoke about her growth as a successful woman in the financial industry and how she faced obstacles when they were presented to her. She often asked herself “what is the formula to success [when starting a business]?”. In this interview, she tells us how she was unfamiliar with the entire process and how she has learned from her experiences and then created her own strategy.

“I wanted to help people achieve a money goal, or at least help people sleep better through the night”, and she definitively did; Gemma’s success has been heard from all around and she has even been named one of the “Most Powerful Women in London” by CityAM, and telegraph’s Top 35 Business Women in Britain, 2015.

Godfrey’s feature in the Times as a “route to the best financial advice” is a recognition to her financial success, through her Moola platform, given that it has reached such a vast audience, while also helping so many achieve financial wellbeing.