Pre-Spring 2023

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We do not learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on experience. As we embark on our second decade in design we pause to reflect on the successes of our past so we can more clearly cultivate our creative future. In this pre-spring 2023 collection we take a moment to honour our design history and explore the depths of our craft with more scrutiny.

Through this journey we investigate designs which formed the foundations of our aesthetic language and discover new applications for our artistry across varied wardrobe categories.  

Design if nothing else is a mirror to our inner self and each new season is an exercise in self discovery. Only once we have accepted all facets of who were are can we then let go of who we were, to explore the possibilities of who we could be. We can confidently plant seeds of inspiration which we finesse with the same rigour and precision used to create the foundations of our brand over 10 years ago. Through this merging of new facets of design with our historic aesthetic we keep our creative narrative in a constant state of rebirth, a journey of self awakening which provides hope for future endeavours.

The visual journey of this collection starts with a highly precise and engineered detail which focuses on extraction pleats that create an architectural romance. First conceptualised in 2020 as a shirt and shirt dress, this pleating process has been transferred onto a multitude of styles, including a faux leather biker jacket, a technical knitted jumper in viscose, a pair of boot cut trousers and a kinetic pleated skirt that unfolds as you walk. 

We then move onto dissection, where we visit an unbuttoning-at-the-seams detail first explored in Spring 18, the season palmer//harding were awarded the British Vogue Designer Fashion Fund. Here we transfer this detail from an oversized poet shirt onto blouses, dresses, blazers and coats, in a multitude of fabrics, from saffron and ivory coloured silks to camel wool and khaki cotton drills.

Lastly we explore volume radiating from gathered necklines that finishes with an almost floral delicacy. We apply this detail to our signature cotton poplin shirts and shirt dresses while also exploring new areas of inspiration by transferring this detailing to jersey to create modern blouses, tops and dresses. 

Creativity, like life, is a journey. Through reflection on the past we are able to traverse our path of creative exploration with confidence and continued success.