Pre-Fall 2023

In the midst of chaos, calm becomes our guiding light. Inspired by a gratitude for simplicity and ease, the palmer//harding pre-fall 23 collection takes us on a journey into serenity amongst the ever growing noise of the outside world.

The collection emerges engulfed in a frenzy of movement, ever changing and unpredictable, a reference to the unsettling and uncertain world around us. In this cloud of frenzy the palmer//harding woman embodies a certain tranquility, presented through the clean lines and architectural shapes of the clothing she wears. She’s not oblivious to the outside world, but instead she is focused on offsetting the chaos of her surroundings through finding an inner peace.

Soft A-line silhouettes run through the collection in serene forms. Comfort and ease in day dressing are the main points of view here. Interspersed through these relaxed notions are matching shirt and trouser sets, in cotton poplin, textured and stripped linen blends and artisanal denim in calming shades of white, ivory, sky and steel blue and navy. These sets offer a modern approach to women’s suiting free from the rigid conventions of traditional tailoring. Intentionally uncomplicated, this relaxed mindset to dressing provides a polished and sophisticated look that reads highly considered yet simultaneously makes dressing effortless.

Though visually effortless, the collection still maintains the mindful approach to detailing that is to be expected of palmer//harding. Buttoning, which has become a calling card for the brand, continues in a subtle way across shoulders and hemlines, creating transformable clothing that allows you to play with the styling of each piece.

As the collection progresses we transition into more statement cottons, sensual knits, satin dresses and separates that create nonchalant transitions into the evening. Rich hues of golden satin stripes, navy, ochre, black and slate are positioned in a peaceful painterly set to match the refinement of the palmer//harding woman. Throughout the collection palmer//harding aims to provide a true life of luxury, because one lived in peaceful simplicity without the unnecessary stressors of daily life.


Credits: Art Direction & Styling: Natalie Brewster // Photography: Rory Payne // Set: Penny Mills // Hair: Maki Tanaka // Beauty: Verity Cumming // Casting: Paul Isaac // Talent: Morgan Fernandez @Models1, Bianca O’Brien @IMG, Anamaria Cioboata @PRM