The collection is inspired by the emotions of falling in love. Starting from the first moment, there is a lump in your throat and a nervous energy races through your body. Emotions cause a surge of excitement, as if you are going to burst at the seams. Yet amongst this excitement there remains a fear that any confession of emotion may leave you vulnerable. So you protect your heart through a silent language, secretly communicating the words “I love you”. As you become secure in your emotions, courage grows and you accept that the only way for love to flourish is to open up. As emotions unfold, a deeper connections develops, leading to a tender feeling of comfort that allows us to fully expose our heart for the world to see.



featuring // @aurelie__giraud @iamgardelinabautista @lornaforan⁠
video // @chanse_thomas⁠
art direction // @the_natbrewster⁠
hair // @stephentlow⁠
makeup // @veritycumming⁠
shoes // @tabitharingwood