A Story of Our New World

A Story of Our New World

The term “social distancing” was foreign to most ears at the beginning of 2020.  Now it is commonplace in our daily language. Interactions that we once overlooked we now scrutinize and evaluate the risks as if lives depend on it, because they do. A handshake, a pat on the shoulder, a hug, have now become cherished rarities in our daily lives.

As an action, social distancing has become a required sacrifice to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and protect lives and livelihoods. It has altered our views on the world around us and stripped from us the physical contact that we once took for granted.

Through this change we have embraced a new appreciation for the relationships that we value most; family and the friends we consider chosen family.

To embrace this new appreciation for family alongside industry adaptations we chose to reshoot our winter collection featuring exclusive and previously unseen styles on family members, in both the UK and the USA.

The shoot, itself, tells a story of our new world. Shot both physically and remotely, the models within this shoot celebrate the inspiring women whom we love and are honoured to call family. Beginning in the UK, several generations of women from Matthew Harding’s family are shot in his childhood garden and hometown of Rickmansworth. You’ll meet his grandmother Jean, his mother Suzanne, his sister Gemma and her daughter Georgia.

On the other side of the world, Levi Palmer’s family is captured via zoom to heighten the feeling of distance and separation that we have all felt. His mother Nancy shot in her home town of Westphalia Texas, his cousin Ever in L.A., one of his best friends Jasmin shot outside their old high school and his mentor Jan shot in downtown Dallas where Levi first began formal studies in fashion.

While we would have cherished the opportunity to bring their family together for such an event, the process of coordinating this shoot from across the world has deepened their relationships and highlighted the connection that they continue to share, even if social distancing keeps them just out of arm’s length.

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