a journey of emotions

The collection began after a period of perspective. In the process of self examination we identified that for too long the sole focus of our lives revolved around work and the strenuous pace/demands of our industry. This had taken its toll on our mental health. In an effort to shake the constraints of chronic stress we began to prioritise our personal happiness through therapeutic self love, opening up and shedding the constraints of the status quo. We explore new cutting methods such as bias “Loop” dresses which circle back onto themselves, referencing the stresses of a recurring emotional loop. Other areas of innovation include the off-the-shoulder “Release” pieces, here dresses and tops are developed though a precise single cut in the centre of a piece of cloth which is allowed to fall open - a concept that reminds us that to find happiness one must cut deep into the self and expose vulnerabilities. In fabrication, we continue to work with morse coded Broderie Anglaise - this season its message is a reminder that “anything can be a distraction to happiness”.

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