p//h balanced


p//h balanced is a series of interviews of inspiring and accomplished women. Each month we chat with different women from a variety of backgrounds and life paths to learn a bit more of what drives them. Through this series we hope to inspire others to understand that style is nothing without substance.


Alison Macdonald

For our premier of our p//h balanced series we decided to interview Alison Macdonald, a human rights barrister, and exceptionally stylish woman. Alison has been long time supporter of palmer//harding, as far back as 2014 when she bought her first p//h shirt. We remember it well as, at the time, the team consisted of just Levi and Matthew, who hand delivered it to her law offices in Holborn. Since that time the p//h team has grown a lot larger and so has Alisons’ collection of palmer//harding shirts. However these lists pale in comparison to Alisons list of accomplishments as a barrister.

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