Social responsibility


Our Social Responsibility

At palmer//harding we have always taken social responsibility seriously and care deeply about the lives of the people involved in the production of our garments.

  • We visit our European factories with every production cycle and are committed to only working with factories that follow local and EU legislation regarding legal and ethical regulations and provide safe work spaces and fair pay.
  • We discourage long working hours and weekend work in our studio.
  • We eat lunch as a team to encourage a social environment.


  • Starting from SS21 we will be contributing £1 for every garment made towards a social cause. We are partnering with which is a survivor-lead network addressing gender based violence, helping people experiencing abuse find the resources needed to take control of their lives.
  • Find out more at

Our Communication

  • We understand that communication is a major part of the journey towards a more sustainable and responsible industry and we have been guilty of not publicising the efforts we have made in the past.
  • Moving forward from SS21 we will be communicating these efforts in our care labels, hang tags, retailer training materials and website as well as in various press opportunities, and are excited to contribute our creativity in a more meaningful way as we venture into this post covid-19 landscape.