The Bursting Excitement Shirt


      The spring 21 collection is inspired by the emotions of falling in love.⁠ ⁠

      Starting from the moment you see them - a lump in your throat and your chest begins to⁠ tighten. At a loss for words, your heart races with desire to speak its truth. You feel a nervous⁠ energy build within and an aching to say “I love you” swells as you begin to burst with the⁠ excitement of the moment.⁠

      “I can no longer contain it, i need to express the emotions I feel.”⁠⁠
      As the connection grows you feel a swell inside, you try to hold back but you’re bursting with excitement.

      In this classic fit shirt a double layered pattern flutters with a gentle energy that embodies the way we feel when we are ready to open up.⁠

      3 products

      3 products